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TELEHEALTH practitioners

The practitioners on this list are offering their services for free for people who have been affected by the floods. Please contact them directly to arrange a session. 

Name: Denika Thomas

Indigenous Practitioner: Yes

Offering: Trauma-informed and culturally-informed counselling, Accredited Mental Health Social Worker

Availability: Wednesdays and Thursdays

Contact Details: 0431095530 or

Name: Bianca Stawiarski

Indigenous Practitioner: Yes

Offering: Trauma counselling, complex and developmental trauma

Availability: evenings

Contact Details:   



Name: Carmen Cubillo

Indigenous Practitioner: Yes, Larrakia - Darwin

Offering: Trauma-Informed Care Counsellor, Play Therapy, Clinical Psychologist

Availability: some evenings and weekends

Contact Details:  0418241693 or


Name: Kit Kline

Indigenous Practitioner: Yes (Indigenous Canadian)

Offering: Trauma-informed counselling and nature-based therapy

Availability: Tuesdays 10am-12pm

Contact Details: 0415926334 or


Name: Nicole Shoveller

Indigenous Practitioner: Yes, Wiradjuri, Nari Nari and Ngiyampaa

Offering: Trauma-informed and culturally-informed counselling and Indigenous healing

Availability: Flexible

Contact Details: 0409826936 or



Name: Amanda Johnson

Indigenous Practitioner: Yes, Palawa

Offering: Wayapa Wuurrk - Indigenous somatic regulation and healing, coaching, NLP, disability sector programming

Availability: Afternoons from 3pm

Contact Details: 0403359701 or


Name: Thaedra Frangos

Indigenous Practitioner: Yes - Gourrmjanyul and Dhudhuroa Theddora Mittung Yaitmathang 

Offering: Embodiment and resourcing practices, Wayapa Wuurrk and Biodynamic Craniosacral

Availability: Flexible

Contact Details: 0411229536 or



Name: Rick Scott

Indigenous Practitioner: Yes

Offering: Social worker/Mental Health Counsellor with experience in psycho-social support after trauma, including floods

Availability: Flexible

Contact Details: 0419515622 or

Name: Alison Elliott

Indigenous Practitioner: Yes, she has family connections of Wiradjuri (Dubbo, NSW)

Offering: Trauma counselling and family therapist

Availability: 7-10pm Tuesdays and Wednesdays

Contact Details: 0415515266 or

Name: Glenn Woods

Indigenous Practitioner: Yes

Offering: Counselling

Availability: 9-5 Monday- Friday

Contact Details:  0400 292 446,


Name: Carlie Atkinson

Indigenous Practitioner: Yes

Offering: Social Worker, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Healing Practitioner and Trauma expert

Availability: 4-5 Monday- Friday

Contact Details: 0457 880181,


Name: Emeritus Professor Judy Atkinson

Indigenous Practitioner: Yes

Offering: Trauma Expert

Availability: 9-5 Monday- Friday

Contact Details: 0409 866 075,


Name: Joe Williams

Indigenous Practitioner: Yes

Offering: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Healing Practitioner

Availability: Most evenings

Contact Details: 0406 308 093, 


Name: Nichole McMillian

Indigenous Practitioner:  Yes

Offerings: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Healing Practitioner

Availability: Flexible schedule, available via Zoom or phone.

Contact Details: 0409826936, 


Name: Lee McDougall

Indigenous Practitioner: No, has worked with Indigenous communities and families

Offering: Trauma-Informed Counselling, Clinical Psychologist

Availability: Friday mornings

Contact Details: 0427027057 or



Name: Tammy Ben Shaul

Indigenous Practitioner: No

Offering: Trauma-informed counselling, Clinical Psychologist and Relational Psychotherapist

Availability: Limited but flexible

Contact Details: 0432883083 or



Name: Andrea Szasz

Indigenous Practitioner: No

Offering: Somatic psychotherapy and trauma therapy

Availability: Monday afternoons

Contact Details: 0414309003 or



Name: Natasha Jones

Indigenous Practitioner: No, has experience working with Indigenous families

Offering: Family therapy, youth work, therapeutic counselling

Availability: Afternoons, evenings, weekends

Contact Details: 0468600375 or


Name: Georgie Igoe

Indigenous Practitioner: No, has experience working with Indigenous families

Offering: Therapeutic mental health and trauma-informed healing, Accredited Social Worker

Availability: Phone only, Thursdays 11am-1pm

Contact Details: 0428767086 or


Name: Nicole Kinnaird

Indigenous Practitioner: No

Offering: Adults & Children’s Counselling, Disaster Response, Accredited Mental Health Social Worker & Supervisor

Availability: Flexible

Contact Details: 0490884523


Name: Laura Christiansen

Indigenous Practitioner: No, has experience working with Indigenous families

Offering: Social Work Counselling

Availability: Thursday and Friday afternoons

Contact Details: 0422192311 or

Name: Linda De Milford

Indigenous Practitioner: No

Offering: Therapeutic Counselling, NSW Victims Services Approved Counsellor

Availability: flexible, including after hours, please contact to arrange

Contact Details: 0416 110 438 or



Name: Carol Perry

Indigenous Practitioner: No

Offering: Hakomi body-based trauma therapy

Availability: Flexible

Contact Details: 0429886269 or


Name: Richy Bennett

Indigenous Practitioner: No

Offering: Psychologist with experience in crisis response, psychological first aid, individual and community mental health and wellbeing

Availability: Flexible 

Contact Details: 0407304845 during business hours only


Name: Stephanie Wallace

Indigenous: No

Offering: Somatic Counselling, mindfulness and relaxation

Method: Zoom and/or Phone sessions

Availability: Tuesdays and Thursdays. Contact to arrange a time. 

Contact details: 0451171912 or


Name: Mandy Jay

Indigenous: No

Offering: Art Therapy

Availability: Afternoons, flexible

Contact Details: 0408452370 or

Name: Ruth Rosenhek

Indigenous: No

Offering: Psychotherapist

Availability: flexible, by appointment

Contact Details: 0459362357 /

Name: Chandricka Kamalanathan Pasupat

Indigenous: No

Offering: Trauma-informed counselling, culturally sensitive, holistic approach including somatotherapy

Availability: flexible, by appointment

Contact Details: 0412469308 /

Name: Ngawang Palter

Indigenous: No

Offering: Counselling, Mental Health and Social Welfare Support, influenced by Buddhist practice and lived experience of homelessness

Availability: Mondays and Thursdays,  9am -5pm

Contact Details: (02) 66 32 3838 /

Name: Charlene Russom

Indigenous: No

Offering: Trauma-informed Psychotherapist and Clinical Hypnotherapist
Availability: Flexible, available via Phone, Zoom and Skype

Contact Details: 0406 081 790

Name: Jared Franks

Indigenous: No

Offering: Psychotherapy and Clinical Hypnotherapy
Availability: Flexible, available via Phone/zoom
Contact Details: 0414 575 558 

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