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The Lismore Healing Hub has consolidated, offering a regular program, based on Indigenous healing practices that recognise the interconnected, multidimensional, nature of healing. Weaving / yarning circles and other group activities provide a gathering point around which the personalised care of bodyworkers and counsellors are integrated.

Our weavers, supported by bodyworkers and counsellors, will soon be able to offer similar programs to flood impacted communities across the Northern Rivers, via our pop-up Hubs.

We anticipate our Hubs will be part of a collaborative outreach program, together with other service providers. The weaving / yarning activities will provide a gathering Hub for local communities to relax, unwind, yarn, and to

co-create additional aspects of the outreach program.

275910172_720680472451092_8991200872944667699_n copy.jpg

The program is set to commence from 1st of October 2022, developing collaboratively with local communities. Meantime, we invite input and suggestions from flood impacted individuals and communities. Please feel welcome to discuss prospective locations, activities, support services, and any of the needs of your local community by phoning us on (02) 6632 3838.

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